Fountain? Aerator? Deicer? What does your pond need? At The Power House, Inc., it’s our goal to make sure you bring home the right products for your ponds needs.

Sometimes, the lingo and nicknames for certain applications can be confusing. Don’t order an aerator when you really need a deicer. Don’t order a fountain when you really need an aerator. Our customer service staff is trained to help point you in the right direction when shopping for your ponds needs so these types of mistakes can be avoided.

The first thing we need to know is what you’re trying to achieve. Is this a healthy pond that’s just lacking some aesthetics? If so, take a look at our fountains. The Olympus Series Display Fountain line has exactly what you need. It includes a variety of nozzles that can fill out the dimensions of most ponds large or small and a selection of motors ranging from 1/3-hp to 3-hp that won’t break the bank every month when it’s time to pay the energy bill.


Another piece of information that is “key” to helping you select the right product is the condition of your pond. We need to make sure you aren’t buried in algae, unwanted and invasive plant life and stratified water. As proud as we are of our elegant display fountains, we won’t let you spend your money on the WRONG thing. This is where we talk aeration. The always energy efficient Power House line of ¼-hp to 1-hp surface aerators has been a staple in the pond and lake management, landscaping and irrigation, and aquaculture community for nearly 30 years. The floating surface units with vertical lift technology are designed to restore health and beauty to your water. Generating oxygen is crucial to sustaining aquatic life. Breaking the water table by pulling it upward will create circulation and destratify low lying stagnant water. Finally, agitating the surface to create a ripple effect will aid in eliminating and push algae and debris to the outer edges for removal may be priorities for the enjoyment of your pond.



Are you ordering an aerator and hoping to keep your water or dock free from ice? If that’s the case, you need a deicer, not an aerator. A lot of people make the mistake of confusing the two, but when ordering equipment with the specific purpose of preventing and/or removing ice you want to make sure the unit is completely submerged and out of harms way. Our Ice Eater’s are built for use for 18” and deeper below the water’s surface. The intent is to draw the warmer, subsurface water to the surface and keep it moving across the top to remove existing and prevent further freezing. An aerator rests in a float and is designed to operate at a specific depth below the water’s surface for optimum results. Subjecting the float to the elements above the surface combined with a constant flow of water cascading across the top of it can cause the water to freeze, expand and damage many of the exposed parts, like the float itself, brackets and the rest of the shroud assembly. Stick with the Ice Eater during the cold winter months. We’ve been protecting boats and docks and taking a bite out of ice for nearly 40 yrs.


Does this seem like a sales spiel? Sure, it kind of is. But the purpose of pointing out some of the differences in our line when ordering is to make sure you get what you need and not necessarily what your neighbor told you that you need. Our professionals are here to assist and guide you in the right direction. After all, the health and beautification of your water is what’s most important to us. Selling you an aerator that sinks in the middle of a cold spell or a fountain that burns up in a weed infested pond would be bad for business. Just give us a call. We love to help and we WON’T sell you on what you DON’T need.